Comfortable Life with Igusa


Antibacterial action
Igusa has an antibacterial effect against ringworm, the cause of athlete's foot, and other microorganisms that cause foot odor.
It also has an antibacterial effect on the microorganisms that cause athlete's foot and foot odor. 


Humidity control

Igusa is also an excellent temperature regulator.

It is perfect for the Japanese climate with its hot and humid summers and low temperature and low humidity winters.

The honeycomb structure of natural rushes absorbs excess humidity and releases the stored moisture when the air is dry.

Air purifying action

It absorbs formaldehyde and nitrogen dioxide, which cause sick house syndrome, and purifies the air.
Igusa is a natural air purifier that uses no energy.
Aromatherapy effects

A room filled with the scent of rushes has an aromatherapy effect.
The scent of rushes mainly contains "phytoncide", "alpha-cyperone", and "vanillin".
It has been reported that these three components have a great relaxing effect.
Learning effects

It has been proven that children who study in a tatami space maintain their concentration and improve their grades.
This has been proven.
 A space with tatami mats can be expected to have a high learning effect.
Cool in summer.
Warm in winter.

Tatami has an excellent heat insulating effect throughout the four seasons.
Comfortable in summer and mildly warm in winter
Everyone can feel at home on tatami.